WaterPulse™ is an environmentally conscious irrigation company bringing revolutionary watering products to nursery grower and retail outlets in the US. WaterPulse watering mats mimic the natural capillary action of soil to move water to irrigate the plants in the most efficient manner possible.

WAGIC was instrumental in the design and engineering of the WaterPulse system. Custom-designed irrigation components, material selection, and high-volume manufacturing design were key WAGIC contributions to the expansion of the WaterPulse suite of products.

In addition to the design and engineering efforts, the WAGIC graphic and web design team was tasked with the full brand identity creation and the design of the WaterPulse website.  Custom infographics were created to demonstrate the WaterPulse technology and convey the benefits of the system.

• Services: Ideation, R&D, Industrial Design, Prototyping, Testing, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Brand Identity, Graphic & Website Design, Animation, Video Production & Editing

• Website: www.waterpulse.com