The Giraffe® Sure-Grip™ Light Bulb Changing System is a battery powered, remote controlled, light bulb changing system.  The patented Sure-Grip Vacuum Technology securely holds most light bulbs while the powerful spinning motor helps you remove and replace bulbs with ease.  The spinning motor can be angled up to 90° to reach most bulbs.  For upward facing bulbs, the 180 Degree Extension Kit takes the motor flexibility to a full 180° and can be used with either the Sure-Grip Vacuum or the candelabra bulb changer.

The Giraffe Sure-Grip System is a WAGIC innovation of the standard, manual light bulb changer. Designed, produced, and marketed by WAGIC, the Sure-Grip system features several patented designs that make changing hard-to-reach bulbs quick and easy.

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