Coding & Programming

Industrial Design Meets Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Engineering.  Creating a winning design is just the first step in taking an idea from concept to finished product. Our expertise in mechanical, electrical, material, and manufacturing engineering transform that idea into reality.

Coding and Programming. Cutting-edge designs and graphics won’t run by themselves. From robotics to mobile apps, our digital team meticulously writes programs to power the next generation of products.

Sourcing & Manufacturing.  Releasing a product to be manufactured is the point where all the designing, engineering, and revising finally become real. Our sourcing, material, production tooling, and manufacturing expertise will help you bring your idea to life.

Intellectual Property Documentation. Protecting the time invested in bringing ideas to market is critical. Patent and trademark applications and documentation require a level of expertise that can only come with the years of experience our team has in bringing exclusive, patented ideas to the marketplace.