3D Design

User Interface Design

Ideation. The critical first step in any design project, ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas.  The WAGIC design team focuses on ideation for the real world, developing products that are both innovative and fill a need in the marketplace.

Industrial Design. From napkin sketches to 3D renders, our industrial design promises a real world impact, touching the everyday lives of people everywhere. Mechanical, electrical or digital products, there is no limit; we do it all.

User Interface.  Good design and the human element come together in the user interface. Allowing users to interact with a digital product in an intuitive manner is a challenge that drives us to innovate.

Testing & Prototyping.  This phase of the process is the proving ground for any design. From exercising app functionality and user interface to putting prototype products in the hands of the end user, this phase reveals information vital to the evolution of the product.