We’re passionate about the power of design and its ability to make a difference in the lives of real people, every day.

WAGIC, What A Great Idea Company, was founded more than 30 years ago with a commitment to innovation in every stage of the design process.

Approach. We collaborate with clients to blend insightful research and innovative ideas with end-to-end design and engineering expertise. By applying fresh ideas to every step in the process we can work with you to create stand-out products and experiences that connect with your end-user.

Relationship + Results. Great results are not enough. At WAGIC, delivering an outstanding client experience is just as important as creating outstanding products. WAGIC welcomes clients who are interested in a partnership that can go beyond the traditional vendor-customer relationship.

Experience. Since our inception, we’ve been collaborating with clients to create successful, patentable designs for the consumer and industrial markets. Combining creative design and sound business decision-making with our own extensive IP Portfolio has enabled us to produce high margin, competitively priced products for major US and Canadian retailers. This manufacturing and procurement expertise brings added value to our clients.

Impact. A commitment to innovation drives everything we do at WAGIC. Ideas must be vetted, tested, and proven from every angle and only the best will make the cut. We design & create for the real world, innovating ideas, products, and services that impact people’s lives every day.

Whether we are designing our own products or that of a client, our goal is always to design for the real world. From concept sketches to the finished product, we focus on designing manufacturable, market-ready products.